Occassionaly, I host events in partnership with DeepLearning.AI. Below are some of the events I hosted(or spoke in):

  • Building a Career in AI and Machine Learning - IEEE Nigeria

    August 18, 2021 Slides
  • Learning and Applying Machine Learning With Santiago Valdarrama

    July 10, 2021 Video Summary
  • AI and Computer Vision in Self-Driving Cars With Vladimir Haltakov

    April 10, 2021 Video Slides
  • Building Career in Data Science with Ayodele Odubela

    Dec 5, 2020 Video
  • Breaking into AI with David Praise, Desire Yavro, and Audace Nakeshimana

    Aug 22, 2020 Video

Speaking at Events

I am always happy to share what I learn with others. If you would like me to speak at your event, you can email me at johnjw7084@gmail.com. In broad, I can talk about the following:

  • Machine Learning fundamentals, techniques,and applications
  • Deep Learning fundamentals, algorithms, applications, and latest techniques
  • Computer Vision applications, algorithms, and techniques
  • Modern Convolutional Neural Networks(ConvNets)
  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision