I like to write and design code tutorials that simplify complex techniques and concepts. Below are some of the codes tutorials I designed.

Complete Machine Learning Package

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Complete Machine Learning Package is a comprehensive repository containing 30+ notebooks on Python programming, data manipulation, data analysis, data visualization, data cleaning, classical machine learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing(NLP).

Modern Convolutional Neural Network Architectures(ModernConvNets)

[Github] [Nbviewer] [Colab]

Revision of the designs, implementations, and annotated papers of 13 Modern Convolutional Neural Network architectures: AlexNet, GoogLeNet(Inceptionv1), ResNet, ResNeXt, Xception, DenseNet, MobileNetV1, MobileNetV2, EfficientNet, RegNet, ConvMixer, ConvNeXt.

Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras

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Techniques, tools, best practices and everything you need to learn/build effective Deep Learning Systems with TensorFlow for Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing! Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras is part of Complete Machine Learning Package.

Python Basics and Advanced Features

[Basics] [Advanced]

A crash intro to Programming and Python: fundamentals and advanced features.