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The goal of designing Complete Machine Learning Package was to provide a comprehensive curriculum that makes it easy to get started with machine learning. The curriculum is designed in a way that the learners learn the fundamentals early on and learn to work with different types of data, algorithms and techniques.

Making this thing would not have been possible without awesome machine learning open-source tools that are properly designed and documented such as Scikit-Learn and Keras, among others. I used documentations a lot in the process of creating this package and other good resources, most or which are provided directly or in further resources. Furthermore, I am grateful for DeepLearning.AI community and education that gave me a solid foundations.

If you get any error, suggestion, more resources that you think should be added to the resources page, or something that you think was not referenced(which happens a lot) while going through the materials in this package, feel free to contact me.

If you use Complete Machine Learning Package, we'd appreciate if you cite us.

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